The International Executive Program is designed for professionals who seek an update on the most recent knowledge on international and global management issues after several years of practical experience. The Program challenges and questions personal concepts and behaviors.


A major portion of a professional's business knowledge typically comes from practical experience. This practical know-how is important because it shows what really works. But is it enough to survive in an ever-changing business environment? During the last few years of globalization and internationalization, management theories and methods have changed significantly. Prerequisites and success factors for entrepreneurial excellence have changed dramatically. We live in a time of structural shifts that cause and requiring change.

Executives cannot deny these shifts and should embrace them as a challenge and an opportunity for new approaches to success. Successful change management requires understanding the integrated management approach: the processes involved, global competition and regional circumstances and the perspectives of an increasingly dynamic environment.

The International Executive Program rests on a fundamental question: Which findings, management methodologies and management concepts do managers need to master and apply in order to successfully steer an organization?


Part 1

Business Development and Global Management

The first part of the International Executive Program provides information about new management trends and offers insights into how management in a global environment really works. Participants experience how business ventures are born and how business concepts are utilized to successfully roll them out into target markets.

  • How to succeed with new business models
  • Strategies, core competencies, and cultures of international and global organizations
  • Change management as a prerequisite for opportunity based leadership; Organizational leadership

Best Practice

The International Executive Program blends management thinking from different cultures. The seminar weeks in USA/China include a best-practice module. Participants will visit or analyze several companies onsite.

Part 2

Financial Overview

  • Analysis of financial and annual reports, recognizing optimization potential
  • Cash-flow analysis, performance evaluation

Financial Goals and Value Added

  • Planning internal growth while keeping up financial stability and profitability
  • Impact of value added concepts
  • Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC)

Mergers & Acquisitions, Valuation

  • The practice of mergers & acquisitions
  • Value calculation: methods and practical aspects

Part 3

Integrated Leadership Concept

Managers are usually committed professionals; not every manager, however, is a good leader. What characterizes excellence in leadership? What makes a leader?


Integrating communication skills as a core competence for leadership is a prerequisite for full effectiveness in leadership processes.

Personal Leadership Skills

Research shows what characterizes outstanding leaders. Which leadership styles are most effective in certain situations and which behavior should we avoid to prevent unsatisfactory performance?

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  • Duration: 3 x 4 days
  • Program Fees: CHF 13'900 (plus 7.7% VAT for seminars in Switzerland)
    Invoicing in EUR possible (depending on current currency rate)

No. E-54222 Starting at 18.10.22

Module Date Place
Part 1 18.10.2022 - 21.10.2022 Boston, USA
Part 2 21.11.2022 - 24.11.2022 Luzern, CH
Part 3 19.06.2023 - 22.06.2023 Brunnen, CH


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