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The seminars and consulting services at the St. Gallen Center for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) offer the possibility to analyze and discuss all relevant CSR aspects in order to coordinate them with your own needs. Thanks to our global experience with large and small companies, we are capable of developing individual questions in an appropriate and solution-oriented way.

CSR – Management System of the Future

From legal compliance to product innovation, over leadership or branding: everything is influenced by CSR. This is not about getting media coverage for your good actions but about integrating customers and environment as well as your own financial position into your business strategy. Only with this holistic approach - entirely in the spirit of the St. Gallen Management doctrine - visions, strategies, and objectives can be defined and implemented based on your values. Many corporate scandals could have been avoided if CSR would have been involved in the decision-making process. And many innovations and opportunities have not yet been perceived because we always think in the same patterns and are guided by only a few parameters, while we should rather equally incorporate the company, its stakeholders, and its environment into the business case.

Besides the obvious risk assessment using CSR systems and the mentioned exploiting of opportunities, CSR is becoming increasingly relevant in terms of compliance. With the latest EU directive on "Non-Financial Reporting", companies of a certain size are obliged to report on their position regarding the society and the environment - if possible, in accordance with the ISO 26000, the global standard for social responsibility. In addition, more and more exchange supervisory authorities are demanding CSR reports and investment funds are starting to rate ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) higher in their investment strategies. The application fields are manifold, ranging from the aforementioned reports to CSR labels for products, which should encourage customers to buy.

Without a holistic approach to business issues, no company can gain a sustainable profit. Sustainability is what it is all about: economic sustainability as well as social and environmental sustainability. The offered CSR concept offers an implementation-oriented management tool that can significantly influence and direct your business strategy - if it is applied correctly and lived by.


In-house Seminars and Consulting Services

  • In addition to open seminar programs, we offer the following services:
    • In-house Trainings
    • Key Note Speeches
    • Strategy Workshops
    • Creation of Value Frameworks
    • Development of CSR Reports
    • Implementation of the Standard ,ISO 26000'

    • In addition, we developed a product-specific CSR label that could be relevant for smaller businesses in order to differentiate themselves from competitors and to position themselves in the market as a CSR-sensitive company. We are happy to assist you in designing and implementing the CSR label.

    • Furthermore, we offer a special CSR Application, which enables your company to integrate the ISO 26000 and measure its implementation in key figures.


Martin Neureiter, André Habisch, René Schmidpeter

Handbuch Corporate Citizenship: Corporate Social Responsibility für Manager

to the book

Martin Neureiter, Peter Köppl

Corporate Social Responsibility: Guidelines and concepts in the management of social Responsibility

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Martin Neureiter, Mag.
Director of the Center for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at SGMI Management Institute St. Gallen

Martin Neureiter holds a Magister Juris from Salzburg University. At SGMI he is responsible for all training and consulting services in the field of CSR. In addition, Martin Neureiter is chairman of the global working group within the ISO (International Standards Organization) for the standard "ISO 26000" on social responsibility and has been advising companies and governments on this issue for over 20 years. He is currently working for the state of Qatar to develop proposals for the improvement of working conditions and the human rights situation in the country ahead of the 2022 World Cup. He also advises several companies in the conversion of their entire supply chains to "ISO 26000". 


Martin Neureiter, Mag.

Director of the Center for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at SGMI Management Institute St. Gallen

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