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International Programs

In international, cross-cultural seminars the focus is on two questions: Which tools and concepts do twenty-first century managers need? And how can they smartly implement strategies, leadership concepts and operational tactics on a global and regional scale? A deep understanding of global management and a high level of interaction between participants and lecturers are the most valuable benefits of the International Programs.

International Executive Program EN

The International Executive Program is designed for professionals who seek an update on the most recent knowledge on international and global management issues after several years of practical experience. The Program challenges and questions personal concepts and behaviors.

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Boston Strategy Program EN

Intensive four-day management program, featuring international speakers, that covers the success factors of effective strategic leadership.

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Boston Leadership Program EN

An executive leadership week for experienced leaders that covers the central themes of leadership
competence and behavior.

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London Finance Program EN

This four-day executive finance program gives experienced managers a solid understanding of modern corporate finance and shows the power and dynamic success that lie in financial decisions.

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Doing Business in Asia EN

This three-day seminar draws on the most advanced findings, experiences and effective instruments in international business to equip you to address strategy, market development and business management in Asia competently.

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Strategic Business Development & Global Management EN

Four-day executive seminar for leaders who work in an international environment, current or scheduled expatriate managers, senior level executives and professionals involved in international business. This program is also tailored to the needs of entrepreneurs, or intrapreneurs who challenge the global role and the understanding of their organizations.

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