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An executive leadership week for experienced leaders that covers the central themes of leadership competence and behavior. Particularly suitable for managers with many years of professional experience and track records in leading companies, subsidiaries, divisions, business areas, major business units, large areas or major corporate functions.


Experience as a manager is good: it helps you intuit opportunities and threats before others do. It builds credibility, enhances authority and helps you make difficult business decisions. But experience can also lead us astray. What happened in the past is not always a good predictor of the future. The success patterns of the past have a dangerous tendency to harden into dogma.

Beliefs based on experience often lead to wrong decisions especially when the laws of business success are regularly changing. Once in a while, even experienced executives need to question their own knowledge and success formulas. This is the goal of the intensive, five-day Boston Leadership Program: an ideal platform for building knowledge and sharing experience with experienced peers.


Under the theme of “success factor – leadership competence” the program deals with questions that come up when the conditions in the company are right, but the strategies, business plans and concepts have yet to be realized. In such cases, implementing them requires leadership, social skills, motivational skills and communicative competence.


Social Competence for Leaders

  • Implementing strategy requires social competence
  • What is social competence?
  • Your personal potential
  • Typical behavior patterns in leadership situations
  • Developing the modifiable factors of personality

Know Yourself

  • Leading yourself
  • Your personal leadership behavior
  • Personal goals, personality structure and the role of the leader
  • Making better use of your strengths as a leader

What good Leadership does

  • Good management as a performance booster
  • Increasing the efficiency of your organization
  • Dynamism and focusing on results

What distinguishes Strong Leaders

  • Modern leadership
  • Effective leadership styles
  • Trust as the basis for delegation and self-organization
  • Dealing with conflict

Motivation for Change

  • Applying the laws of motivation theory
  • Aligning the value system of the company and top management with the values of employees
  • Techniques for boosting energy
  • The importance of intuition
  • Empowerment

Personal Strenghts in the Leadership Process

  • Recognizing and exploiting untapped power reserves
  • The power of habit
  • Boosting motivation and turning it into top performance
  • Making dedicated performers out of motivated employees

Focusing on Results

  • Self-control and mental techniques
  • Dealing with hectic pace and stress; work effectiveness
  • Delegation as the basis for focusing on the essentials
  • Coaching and managing teams

The Leader as Communicator

  • Communication strengths
  • Persuading with rhetorical skills
  • Winning communication
  • Discussions with employees
  • Building enthusiasm for common goals

Information und Beratung

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  • Duration: 4 days
  • Program Fees: CHF 4900
    Invoicing in EUR possible (depending on current currency rate)

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