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This three-day seminar draws on the most advanced findings, experiences and effective instruments in international business to equip you to address strategy, market development and business management in Asia competently.


Asia figures prominently in the growth strategies for many European companies. The lure of booming demand has to be matched, however, by the capability to handle the business challenges this huge and diverse market poses. In the decade and a half since the 1997 Asian crisis, culture, management styles, business strategies and markets have transformed completely. The seminar is conducted over three days, with each focusing on a distinct aspect of business in Asia. It draws on the most advanced findings, experiences and effective instruments in international business to equip you to address strategy, market development and business management in Asia competently.

On the first day the focus will be on providing a clear picture of what Asia is today, by providing and understanding regulatory practices, cultural peculiarities, business strategies and market factors relevant to the key Asian economies. Although there is ample information available today, the hidden realities of Asian economies and their pulse are largely uncharted territories for European managers – even those who have lived and worked in Asia.

The second day deals with the structure and logic of markets and segmentation in Asia and discusses the impact of new trends in consumer behaviour. There are several misconceptions about market segmentation and distribution channels for products and services in Asia, and often, expectations and procedural requirements of European companies may contradict market realities. By evaluating successful business models and effective strategies adopted by both Asian and Western companies, participants of the seminar will acquire a secure base from which to deploy their own strategies.

The third day is devoted to scrutinizing the capabilities and growth strategies of the participants´ companies using a series of exclusive instruments derived from the St. Gallen Management Model. They will allow participants to assess their company´s competitive position in Asia and plan effective measures to grow sustainably. This is a hands-on application opportunity for the insights and instruments acquired in the seminar.


Framework Asia

  • Realities behind the image: What you think you know but what is not true
  • Regulatory practices post 1997 crisis
  • What to expect in the future
  • Business challenge of growth into Asian: Cost and risk confronted

Culture and trends

  • Communication and management styles in Asia: Profiles of Asian managers
  • What has changed since the 1990ies
  • Comparison of cultural idiosyncrasies in China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore and India
  • What Asians think about Europeans and how they deal with them
  • Asian interest in European businesses

Business models and strategies of Asian companies

  • Case studies on technology companies, distributors, consumer goods producers and service sector corporations
  • Evolution of business models and strategies
  • What Europeans should learn from Asian companies

Market specifics of Asia: segmentation, distribution channels and target audiences, product packaging

  • Segmentation: Asia has client segments which do not exist in Europe
  • Distribution channels and target audiences: Implications of downstream realities for your business
  • Product packaging: Profile of the client utility map for Asia

Compass for your company to succeed in Asian markets

  • Must haves for business growth and success in Asia according to the internationalization compass
  • Positioning your company against competition: Business stress test with the strategy canvas and internationalization compass

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  • Duration: 3 days
  • Program Fees: CHF 3900 (plus 7.7% VAT for seminars in Switzerland)
    Invoicing in EUR possible (depending on current currency rate)

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Seminar 03.05.2021 - 05.05.2021 St. Gallen, CH

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