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A three-day intensive seminar for managers from all fields of work eager to master the world of online marketing and social media. Find out everything you need to know about online marketing & social media in a compact and practice-oriented course before incorporating your new up-to-date knowledge into your company's online marketing and social media activities.


Companies have to face the challenges of evaluating the benefits offered by online marketing and social media channels and learn how to benefit from them. The seminar provides an overview of and an in-depth insight into how both B2C and B2B companies can evaluate the potential of online marketing channels such as search engine advertising (e.g. Google Adwords), search engine optimisation, affiliate marketing, e-mail marketing and social media for their own business activities.

After successfully completing the seminar, you will have comprehensive knowledge of all relevant online marketing and social media channels as well as their opportunities. You will be able to assess the different options available, learn how to measure and monitor online marketing activities and know how to create an online marketing and social media strategy for your company. This seminar will provide you with well-grounded fundamental knowledge allowing you to confidently decide whether and how online marketing and social media channels can be used to bring maximum benefits to your organisation. After all, you not only want to achieve optimal results, but also a perfect balance in terms of costs, time and resources involved.


Online Marketing

  • Overview and introduction
  • Presentation of relevant channels
  • Online marketing objectives

Search Engine Optimisation

  • How SEO works
  • Overview of the most important ranking factors
  • How to calculate the value of a Google ranking
  • Objectives of search engine optimisation and its potential of success

Affiliate Marketing

  • How affiliate marketing works
  • Compensation models and calculating ROI
  • What to bear in mind when using affiliate marketing

Online Advertising

  • Overview of online advertising options
  • Search engine advertising with Google Adwords (SEA)
  • Compensation methods (CPM, CPC, CPO, etc.)
  • Retargeting and behavioural pricing
  • Implementation, cost-benefit analysis and resource planning

E-mail Marketing

  • E-mail marketing: Introduction and overview
  • The elements and options involved in a customised newsletter
  • Integrating E-mail marketing in the digital marketing mix

Social Media

  • Why and how does social media work for companies?
  • The definition of relevant areas of application of social media
  • Structure and elements of a social media strategy: as-is analysis, objectives, target groups, selecting channels, content management, campaigns, community and crisis management, seeding and linkage in the marketing mix, implementation and application, performance reviews, monitoring success and legal foundations
  • Introduction to the most relevant social media channels: Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, XING, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Social advertising
  • How hashtags work and how to use them

Online Marketing Strategy

  • Examples of B2C and B2B online marketing strategies
  • What objectives can be achieved with which channels?
  • Working together to develop an online marketing strategy
  • Measuring cross-channel success by tracking and monitoring performance across different channels

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  • Duration: 3 days
  • Program Fees: CHF 3300 (plus 7.7% VAT for seminars in Switzerland)
    Invoicing in EUR possible (depending on current currency rate)

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Seminar 29.08.2022 - 31.08.2022 St. Gallen, CH

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