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Three-day intensive seminar with the goal of getting to know the techniques, strategies and tactics of successful negotiations and apply them in business life. Ideal for managers who want to improve their negotiation and reasoning skills and enhance their powers of persuasion.


A leader constantly faces situations in which he needs to represent his own position and to achieve the best results for his business, his project, his strategy or his team. In this context, interdisciplinary negotiation, communication and reasoning skills are of decisive importance. Conversation, argumentation and negotiation skills is the ability to convincingly act and to meet the negotiation or dialogue partners - be they superiors, colleagues, customers or external stakeholders such as suppliers, politicians or investors - with a sophisticated negotiation technique in order to achieve the desired goals. The challenge is always to reach a constructive agreement and to lead the negotiation in such a way that a sustainable win-win strategy for all parties involved is generated.

In this intensive seminar, participants acquire successful negotiation techniques to better understand and lead negotiations in every situation. In addition, you will learn how to analyze negotiation partners and their motives thoroughly, interpret group processes and how to keep a cool head in difficult situations. The knowledge transfer in the seminar is supported by the integration of real-life examples and the application of practical cases.


Basics: How you learn to successfully negotiate

  • What is basically at stake in negotiating?
  • How can you measure the success of a negotiation?
  • The biggest mistakes that you can commit while negotiating
  • Your personal negotiation style - competitive versus cooperative bargaining
  • Understanding negotiation as a process

Preparation: Prepare for the negotiation in advance

  • Without goals it does not work
  • Where does the other stand?
  • The personal style: Recognize your yourself own and others
  • Create the perfect atmosphere

Attitude: Gain self-motivation through the right attitude

  • The right mood and setting
  • Sources of motivation
  • Thoughts are a two way street

Negotiation atmosphere: Create confidence and a positive basis for discussion by the proper greeting

  • First impressions
  • The well-chosen handshake and the proper greeting

Needs analysis: Find out the purpose objectives of your negotiating partner

  • Be aware of the importance of body language
  • Who, how, what? Anyone who does not ask remains stupid
  • Listening is also an art

Argumentation phase: Always negotiate with a sense of the benefits for your negotiating partner

  • Be a problem solver, and provide individual benefit
  • Take the self-esteem of your negotiation partner into account
  • Be aware of the different levels of communication
  • Use the power and magic of language
  • Use the secret psychology of influence
  • Make use of feedback techniques to improve negotiations
  • Help your negotiators to convince themselves

Dealing with objections: How do you respond to objections and what you need to do when it is becomes difficult

  • Regard every objection as a common means to a successful completion
  • Meet objections effectively
  • What to do if the partner is unfair

Price negotiations: Special features in the context of price negotiations

  • Why it pays off to enforce prices
  • Use-oriented sales and prices by added-value
  • Create alternatives, and create a list of concessions

Conclusion: To come to a good conclusion

  • To ensure the success of the negotiations
  • What to do if the negotiators still hesitate
  • Negotiating the relationship

Follow-up: After the negotiation is before the negotiation

  • Analyze the satisfaction of your negotiation partner
  • Reflect on the transaction, and document the results
  • Maintain and use the relationship

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  • Duration: 3 days
  • Program Fees: CHF 3300 (plus 7.7% VAT for seminars in Switzerland)
    Invoicing in EUR possible (depending on current currency rate)

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Seminar 17.10.2022 - 19.10.2022 Brunnen, CH

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