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Custom tailored for lasting company development.


Management Seminars

You identify a competence your company needs to develop. You ask us to conceive and develop an intervention plan. Or you find a seminar among SGMI's open programs that meets your needs and ask us to run it exclusively for your company, tailored to your company or industry needs.

Implementation Workshops

Certain topics need be ingrained in your company, whether as a result of a strategic change, a shift in your markets or a seminar visit. SGMI is the right learning partner – on the basis of the St. Gallen Management Model, we help you bring concrete projects to fruition. 

Individual and Team Coaching

With targeted coaching, individuals and teams can make quantum development steps. Coaching is an especially effective follow-up to a seminar visit. 

Lectures and Specialized Presentations

Your management meets for a leadership conference on the theme of internationalization. You would like to launch the event with a highly energizing presentation. We have access to the best, most engaging experts and will collaborate with you to plan the event. 

Client Symposia

Give development opportunities as gifts. Invite the executives of your best customers to a leadership seminar and deepen your relationship with them. Your customers will think of you often – every time they apply one of the lessons learned in their daily business.


Integrated Management Programs

An integrated management program is a targeted development intervention for a well-defined group of participants. Program content includes the topics that participants need in order to meet their responsibilities successfully. In an international management program for second-tier executives, for example, topics could include strategic leadership, marketing management, financial leadership and controlling, financial management or leadership management.

Programs for Developing Company Culture

Management programs can be used specifically to develop company culture. For example, a leadership program designed to develop a unified leadership culture throughout many layers of the management hierarchy, across a number of offices or even countries.

Performance Improvement Programs

  • Management Development: Keep the Best
  • Knowledge Management Program: Know More
  • St. Gallen Change Navigator
  • Benchmarking: Standards of Performance
  • Postmerger-Integration: Fit-together
  • Vision Program: STAR
  • Culture Navigation Program: Sindbad

RoL: Return on Leadership
Return on Leadership (RoL) is the leadership concept of the future. The days of empty phrases are over. Return on leadership is based on the St. Gallen Management Model and combines the latest insights on management theory, psychology and neuropsychology. With RoL you gain the biggest improvements with a relatively small effort. RoL is one of the most effective concepts for performance improvement.

How to gain RoL 
The video above describes RoL: Return on Leadership. The second video below shows how you can implement RoL. As with every brilliant idea, the real power of RoL becomes apparent only after it is applied consequently in every day leadership. The aim is to gain an unusually large boost in performance with a relatively small change in leadership behavior.

Fascination as a Leadership Tool 
Are you still motivating people, or are you fascinating them? Average was yesterday; today, we need outstanding leaders who can inspire their employees with their heart's blood. This video from the series "RoL: Return on Leadership" by Daniel Schmidlin shows you how.


Corporate University

By operating a permanent, internal development organization, companies can ensure a long-term advantage that is hard to copy. Employees and executives are more closely allied to the company, projects generated in development activities can flow into developmental actions and know-how stays inside the firm. A professionally developed and managed corporate university is a valuable instrument in strategy implementation and serves as a development platform for the company's corporate culture. Let us build your corporate university with you.

Themes: Examples

  • Marketing Academy

Conceiving, structuring and operating an in-company marketing academy for marketing specialists. A carefully selected mix of internal and external expert facilitators balances the delivery of the most modern management ideas with work on the company's own projects. Since the marketing academy is inside the company, it can focus on long-term strategic objectives and can be adapted again and again. Participants develop themselves in all relevant areas of international marketing and gain deeper knowledge of vital marketing topics. They apply their knowledge with the tools learned in academy programs to their work. The result? Better results.

  • Corporate University

Conceiving, structuring and operating a corporate university for executives and high potentials from all areas of the company. A corporate university institutionalizes permanent development in the company. SGMI clients ensure that their companies have a long-term, hard-to-copy competitive advantage. The corporate university is a weighty argument in winning top recruits. How do you prepare and develop your managers within the framework of learning, culture and implementation?

  • We systematically build your corporate university or leadership academy.
  • We design targeted training programs, time plans and documentation.
  • We build up a network of the best lecturers, specialists and experts.
  • We make it possible for you to use your corporate university as a platform for developing company culture.
  • We support you in making your corporate university the pivot point of strategy implementation.

Lifelong learning is a necessary prerequisite for maintaining market position in almost every company and industry. Knowledge becomes obsolete faster and faster, and needs to be renewed more frequently than ever before. A corporate university helps a company manage its knowledge and thus assures a long-term competitive advantage. A corporate university improves the image of the company – inside and outside. For the employees inside, the corporate university is a sign that the people in the organization are especially valuable and worthy of development and promotion. Externally, the corporate university helps in the recruiting of the most accomplished employees. Development programs become an effective instrument in implementing company strategy.

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