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    St. Gallen Consulting

    SGMI Institute of Management St. Gallen is a capable management consulting partner. Our customers value us as the St. Gallen alternative to large consulting firms. We offer consulting support to renowned institutions, large international firms and mid-size companies. With success and first-class references. Our consulting philosophy has always been unique: holistic.

    With reference to the St. Gallen Management Model. Including the key players of our clients. Strong in implementation. A consulting concept that, especially in today's times, is gaining significance. We believe the time has come to reform consulting as it has too often been: short-term, illusory optimization. Unnecessarily high project costs. An inundation of the client with an army of inexperienced junior advisors. Partners and senior consultants who care for customer relations but have little to do with the actual consulting project. Grandiloquent concepts, empty words. Too little involvement of the people concerned. Supervisory boards and decision-makers, not shareholders or employees, are responsible for assigning consulting mandates.

    But a consensus is building that a new approach to consulting is needed. This has long been our view. Our approach: no concepts forced in the company by outsiders, but solutions that have been developed and implemented with the client. Whether turn-around manager, strategy expert or professor, our consultants are committed to the complete, long-term success of our clients. Our long list of references is proof that our quality strategy works. We will gladly send you a detailed reference list or present our offer in a personal discussion with you, at your offices or in St. Gallen.


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    Below you can find an overview of our consulting services. Feel free to contact us. We are happy to discuss any of your specific tasks or projects with you.

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