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Custom Tailored for lasting Company Development.

Our Corporate Programs offer you the full palette of SGMI Institute of Management St. Gallen's executive education services – compact, practice-oriented seminars, workshops, development programs and guided change processes.

We are committed to quality and client satisfaction. We care about nearness to practice and implementation value. We work internationally, in the languages of our clients.

Working closely with management, personnel development, human resources and executive development and learning, we plan and deliver executive education, management- and organization development. Our seminars, workshops and coaching programs offer knowledge transfer, training and application.

We stand for high quality management knowledge, adapted to the questions your company needs answered. Our proposition: nearness to practice and implementation. Our goal: concrete solutions by aligning the holistic St. Gallen management methodology with the specific needs of our clients. The result? Executive development becomes a tool for successfully implementing company strategy.

Custom tailored or not?


Advantages and Value

Consideration of Strategy and Culture

In-company development programs can be aligned one-hundred per cent to the client's strategy, an extremely effective means of implementing strategy. Potential ability can be realized purposefully and developed long-term. In-company programs can be planned and implemented to develop the organization and shape the company culture. In critical situations for the company, an internal development program can contribute to success, or accelerate the company's response. In particular, in situations crucial for the enterprise, an internal development program can make a vital contribution to success or accelerate the process substantially.

Tuned to Actual Company Situations

With an analysis of the knowledge that exists in the company (“skills inventory”), in-company programs can be developed that take account of the company's current position – background, context and existing basic conditions. Tools and aids can be aligned to company needs. The result? Very high relevance to practice. High participant motivation – every hour invested in development benefits the job one-to-one.

Highest Quality and Client Satisfaction

We are committed to quality and client satisfaction. We care about nearness to practice and implementation value.


We work internationally. Our services are available in German, English, French and Spanish. Our entire palette of in-company programs is available the world over. On the basis of the St. Gallen Management Model, and always respecting national culture, we craft global development programs for all the units of our client companies. We adjust our development concept to fit each country's special characteristics.


Our innovative power comes from our closeness to research and consulting, through which we learn how the latest management insights can be put into practice – in the real world. We work with the world's leading universities to ensure that our programs build on the most up-to-date knowledge.

Focused on Solutions

We contribute practical solutions to the questions our clients need to answer for success. SGMI seminars and programs generate solutions that our clients can put into practice.

Long-Term Development Partner

We understand ourselves as a long-term development partner for our clients. On the basis of company strategy and culture, we create purposeful development programs. Our programs help our clients gain year-long competitive advantage. In close, year-long partnerships, we quickly develop and deliver programs that precisely meet the needs of SGMI clients.

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Competency Areas

We offer you the chance to use the knowledge from our renowned St. Gallen Management Model in your Company-specific Program. We offer all topics relating to strategic and operational management, for all levels – company, teams, individuals – and for all industries.

We offer, among others, the following topics:

  • Holistic Management, General Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Process, IT and Structure
  • Marketing, Product Management and Sales/Selling
  • Financial Management and Controlling
  • Human Resources Management
  • Leadership (Leading People) and Personality Development (Leading Yourself)
  • Change Management and Culture
  • Digitalization



Global International Management Program


This customer-specific program covers strategic management, marketing, financial leadership and general leadership. Sessions are run in Europe, Asia and the United States. Between modules, participants work on their own company projects, with support from SGMI specialists and company experts. An integrated e-learning program supports learning and application. Custom-designed learning checks track participant mastery.

Global Leadership Development Program


Especially in markets where technology and products are becoming more alike, “soft factors” can be a competitive advantage. The company-specific Global Leadership Program comprises four modules on leadership behavior and methods. To accommodate the varied backgrounds of the participants, the program is run in two levels: Basic and Advanced. Much weight is given to enhancing an already successful company culture by applying the company’s leadership tools. The program is run around the world, but adjusted to local needs. One key outcome of the program: participants reach a common understanding of the company’s leadership principles.

Essential Entrepreneurship


The company-specific “Essential Entrepreneurship” program teaches the secrets of successful business founder strategies, based on the management principles of the St. Gallen Management Model.

The Leadership Conference


Companies with global strategies often need to align the leadership behaviors of their managers. The SGMI Leadership Conference is a highly innovative method for quickly realizing this goal by focusing on both development and implementation. Using the “open space” method and working in groups of up to 150, company senior managers work out measures to align leadership behaviors across divisions and units; specially appointed “implementation managers” then take responsibility for putting into practice.

Individual Coaching for Senior Management


SGMI offers individual senior management coaching. Typical participants may want to build on the gains they make in a SGMI management development program. Our top executives seek highly focused, personalized guidance. SGMI senior management coaching is demanding. In fully integrated modules over a long period, the participant is challenged to reflect on and optimize his management success. Using tools like 360-degree feedback and current and desired state analysis, SGMI coaches determine optimization steps and help participants put them into practice.

Corporate University


Conceiving, structuring and operating a Corporate University for executives and high potentials from all areas of the company. A corporate university institutionalizes permanent development in the company. SGMI clients ensure that their companies have a long-term, hard-to-copy competitive advantage. The corporate university is a weighty argument in winning top recruits. How do you prepare and develop your managers within the framework of learning, culture and implementation?

  • We systematically build your corporate university or academy.
  • We design targeted training programs, time plans and documents.
  • We build up a network of the best lecturers, specialists and experts.
  • We make it possible for you to use your corporate university as a platform for developing company culture.
  • We support you in making your corporate university the pivot point of strategy implementation.

Lifelong learning is a necessary prerequisite for maintaining market position in almost every company and industry. Knowledge becomes obsolete faster and faster, and needs to be renewed more frequently than ever before. A corporate university helps a company manage its knowledge and thus assures a long-term competitive advantage. A corporate university improves the image of the company – inside and outside. For the employees inside, the corporate university is a sign that the people in the organization are especially valuable and worthy of development and promotion. Externally, the corporate university helps in the recruiting of the most accomplished employees. Development programs become an effective instrument in implementing company strategy.

International Development Programs


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