Why pursue a masters or diploma program at SGMI Management Institute St. Gallen while still on the job?

As a leading international business school and experienced purveyor of masters and diploma programs, SGMI Management Institut St. Gallen offers masters and diploma programs for motivated executives who seek recognized, practice-oriented management development programs they can complete on the job. SGMI programs are intense; they demand a serious commitment. At the core of each program is practice-oriented management knowledge conveyed through a wide range of learning activities: live seminars, workshops to augment learning, carefully selected management literature and international e-learning modules. At SGMI, you can combine work with a recognized management development program.

Masters ans Diplomas

What is the value of a SGMI masters degree or diploma?

The modular building blocks of the SGMI masters and diploma programs allow participants to choose the program that best matches their career progress and potential. After completing a program, graduates can develop themselves further with "upgrade" programs.

The final modules of the masters and diploma programs require a practice-oriented, "real world" thesis and/or an extended case study, including a written and oral examination at the SGMI Study Center St. Gallen. Researching and writing a masters or diploma thesis on a current professional challenge often leads participants to trailblazing, applicable insights into their own organizations.


What is the career value of a SGMI masters degree or diploma?

Based on the renowned St. Gallen Management Model, SGMI programs consequently deliver knowledge that is easily converted into powerful practical insights. They combine scientific insights with real-world management know-how. This unique connection between theory and practice explains the top reputation that SGMI masters, diplomas and certificates enjoy among executives. This broad acknowledgment is heightened by a high-ranking study and test commission, of which two members, Professors Emil Brauchlin and Hans Peter Fagagnini, are well-known ambassadors of St. Gallen management teachings.


How do the SGMI masters and diploma programs conform to the St. Gallen Management Model?

All too often, relevant management ideas and publications focus on a single aspect of management. SGMI masters and diploma programs view management themes from the holistic St. Gallen management perspective. This holistic, system-oriented frame of reference gives SGMI program participants not only a unique orientation throughout their programs, it also reveals vital connections among themes and practices. The St. Gallen Model has been well-tested and is known internationally. Its popularity is not based on "empty" theory, but rather on its pragmatic orientation and applicability – like the St. Gallen programs, it works in practice.


What masters and diplomas are available?

We are always developing and adding to our masters and diploma programs. We offer a wide range of choices that differ chiefly in content and length: from four-month international certificate programs to six-month generalist and specialist diplomas, and finally, twelve- to twenty-four month masters programs (Master of Management, Executive Master Program and Executive MBA). For a schematic of these programs, see the St. Gallen Diploma Pyramid concept.

Masters and Diplomas

How does SGMI support participants through their masters and diploma programs?

Because the SGMI masters and diploma programs are highly individualized and participants work while they study, SGMI has a central advisory service where participants can get information about content and program logistics. This central service guarantees advice and support to all participants during the entire course of their programs of study.

SGMI distance-learning programs offer additional contact and support: participants complete regular case study analyses and receive three-page assessments of their work. These periodic checks monitor the participants' learning and reveal any gaps in their knowledge.

Who are SGMI's international partners?

In its masters and diploma programs, SGMI cooperates with the AACSB-accredited Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) in Fort Myers, USA, the Australian State University of Southern Queensland (USQ) and the federal accredited and supervised Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences, Zurich. SGMI cooperates with FGCU on e-learning. It partners with Queensland and Kalaidos on the provision of distance learning in the Executive MBA Programs.


How will I receive my masters degree or diploma, and how does SGMI honor outstanding performance?

SGMI Management Institut St. Gallen masters and diploma graduates enjoy a high degree of flexibility in planning their final modules and, thus, their graduations. Masters degrees and diplomas are awarded many times a year. The actual degrees and diplomas are delivered by post. Once a year, SGMI invites the graduates of a given year to a gala convocation. At this celebration, the best students of the year receive the SGMI Management Award – a coveted St. Gallen Diploma Pyramid.

Is it possible, after completing a masters or diploma degree, to stay in touch with SGMI and join a network?

SGMI organizes a number of alumni events at which former SGMI seminar participants and certificate holders meet. These events include regular management and alumni symposia as well as frequent regional conferences organzed by the alumni networks of the various geographical regions.

Alumni Network

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