Starting from what group size do company-specific programs make sense?

SGMI experience suggests that an effective in-company program requires at least six participants. For single participants, executive coaching often proves to be an especially effective development approach.

Company-specific Programs

How much time is needed for conception and planning?

This depends on the availability of the company contacts. When SGMI can reach key people quickly and easily, even complex programs can be started in about three months.

Methodological Starting Point

Is it better to send our company participants to an open program or should I work with SGMI to create a company-specific program?

First, it depends first on the number of participants. Second, it depends on the different core themes of the two options: in open programs, participants learn management themes from the perspective of different industries and countries. Case studies provide rich examples from practice. Participants profit from the wide variety of other participants' experiences in many industries and areas and can also profit from networking. In company-specific programs, participants work toward a clearly defined strategic goal and learn from profound discussion of questions relevant to their company. Group and project work is bolstered by international, multicultural team building.

Company-specific Programs

In what languages does SGMI run company-specific programs?

German and English are the standard languages for company-specific programs. Programs are also available in French, Italian and Spanish. Further languages are available on request.

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