The SGMI Executive Coaching is a highly individual and personalized one-to-one developmental approach and therefore extremely target-oriented and effective. The St. Gallen Center for Executive Coaching offers this highly effective development approach for the following topics:

  • Strategic Leadership and Strategic Management
  • Marketing
  • Financial Leadership and Financial Management
  • Leadership

The agreed development objective is achieved by completing a compact program consisting of coordinated individual modules.

The individual modules can be completed right in your company, in an external meeting room, in the institute building of SGMI Institute of Management St.Gallen or remotely in the form of an SGMI Virtual Coaching. The coaching sessions of 1 to 3 hours will be held via WebEx, Skype or other suitable platforms. Since there are no travel expense, Virtual Coaching sessions can be organized at short notice, if required, and are thus suitable to respond to current and urgent incidents of your day-to-day operations.

You can also set shorter units and thus benefit from the programs modular design: Several modules, interrupted by practical application stages, are presented in an overall context.

Virtual Coaching is particularly interesting for global corporations as it allows every key person at all locations to participate in a highly effective Executive Coaching program.

Executive Coaching is often integrated as a supplementary measure to the program when working on long-term development projects.

In this case, Virtual Coaching can be done via your own internal Knowledge Exchange platform.


Company-specific Programs

Company-wide coaching programs effectively support the joint development of key players. Examples of possible Company-specific Programs: 

  • Preparing managers for higher-level top management positions
  • Targeted and effective development in all general management fields
  • Additional measure as part of a SGMI development program 

Project Examples and Testimonials:

Executive Coaching


Rolf Specht, Dr. phil. I
Director of the Center for Executive Coaching at SGMI Management Institute St. Gallen

For 25 years, Rolf Specht has specialized himself in coaching and assisting CEOs and top management teams with the systemic and systematic implementation of operational excellence. After graduating in german, theology and theatre at the University of Zurich, where he later earned his Ph.D., he focused on communication psychology and leadership topics. He therefore holds further academic training qualifications in various psychological disciplines such as conflict management and systematic structures. Moreover, he held formal qualifications in business administration as well as organizational development consulting. His priorities at SGMI Institute of Management St. Gallen lie on the following areas:

  • Coaching
  • Conflict Management
  • Value Focused Management
  • Corporate Culture
  • Change Management


Rolf Specht
Dr. phil. I

Director of the Center for Executive Coaching at SGMI Management Institute St. Gallen  

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