Our brain defines who we are. What causes our behavior? How can we reach our full potential? What leads to more social cooperation in an ever-changing dynamic world? Neuroscience knows the answers to these questions.

The St. Gallen Center for Neuro Intelligent Leadership develops and implements standardized as well as customized programs for management development. The programs aim to create a "brain-friendly" environment in your organization, supporting the long-term implementation of positive behavior changes. Based on our know-how about the advantage of brain rules - the rules by which our brain works - the St. Gallen Center for Neuro Intelligent Leadership supports your managers in order to access their full potential, provide a healthy performance and to responsibly manage your company.

New neuroscientific findings have given us significant insight into the brain regions that are involved in the development of our potential, emotion regulation, social cooperation and the recovery of confidence. These insights provide new ways to rethink the core processes of our decisions and behavior and therefore play a crucial role in manager development. Executives develop a strong mental and behavioral flexibility, which is an important criterion for a successful leadership - especially in a world where change is the only constant. This helps your company achieve a sustainable and healthy performance. In addition, our scientific touch helps understanding how our brain works, why changes might be necessary, and how they can be implemented in practice - with the highest probability of success. Our courses are based on hard scientific facts and are regularly updated with new scientific evidence.


Company-specific Programs

The St. Gallen Centre for Neuro Intelligence offers fascinating keynote speeches as a part of its event calendar or training program. The lectures deal with exciting business issues and are based on the latest scientific findings. Our keynote speeches combine theory and practice, which is experienced by many members of the audience as a catalyst for personal development – presented in an entertaining way. The presentations will be offered in English, German and Dutch. Below you can find a selection of possible topics:

  • Leading others by being in charge of yourself: self-regulating your brain.
  • "Unconscious bias" in our head: How objective are our decisions?
  • Why street racers have something to do with creativity. "Unconscious bias" in our team set-up.
  • Why regularly visiting your mother can improve your brain performance.
  • Your brain at risk: The real reason behind my financial decisions.


K. Notebaert, P. Creutzfeldt

Wie das Gehirn Spitzenleistung bringt

to the book

K. Notebaert, C. Clément, N. Winter, S. Schwarz

Selbstregulation beginnt im Gehirn: Der Weg zu innerem Frieden und mehr Erfolg (in: Glück Macht Erfolg, Dorette Segschneider)

to the book

T. Hahn, K. Notebaert, C. Anderl, P. Reicherts, M. Wieser, J. Kopf, A. Reif, K. Fehl, D. Semmann, S. Windmann

Reliance on functional resting-state network for stable task control predicts behavioral tendency for cooperation (NeuroImage)

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T. Hahn, K. Notebaert, C. Anderl, V. Teckentrup, A. Kassecker, S. Windmann

How to trust a perfect stranger: Predicting initial trust behavior from resting-state brain-electrical connectivity. Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience.

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Dr. Karolien Notebaert, Dipl.-Psych., Ph.D. Neuroscience
Director of the Center for Neuro Intelligent Leadership at SGMI Management Institute St. Gallen

Karolien Notebaert earned her Ph.D. in Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Leuven (Belgium) where she also earned a masters degree in Neuroscience and Economic Policy. As a specialist in applied neuroscience, she transfers the most important and recent results from neuroscience into her leadership development programs and keynote speeches. Her main focus areas in leadership development are:

  • Power and Self-regulation
  • (Financial) Decisions and Personality
  • Change Management
  • "Unconscious Bias" Driving our Behavior
  • Mindfulness
  • Creativity and Innovation in the Brain

As a scientist, she has over ten years of experience as a keynote speaker at seminars and conferences in the field of neuroscience worldwide. Furthermore, she advises national and international companies as a lecturer and consultant in the field of applied neuroscience.


Dr. Karolien Notebaert
Ph.D. Neuroscience

Director of the Center for Neuro Intelligent Leadership at SGMI Management Institute St. Gallen

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