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SGMI Design Process

All the services offered by SGMI Institute of Management St. Gallen in its company-specific programs are based on the St. Gallen Management Model, which has its roots in systems theory and cybernetics.

The approach follows a clearly defined design process which ensures excellent execution and results. The process is agreed upon with the client, customized, and unnecessary steps erased.

Special emphasis is placed on the analysis. With a better evaluation of a client’s strategy and culture and a clear definition of business objectives, the development project can contribute much more to your strategy implementation.


In a first step, target competencies, which are required to achieve your strategic objectives, are derived from the strategy - in a special competence modeling workshop.

In a second step, the company's existing competencies are analyzed using proven assessments and psychometric tests. Based on the comparison of required and existing competencies, an objective-oriented development program consisting of seminars and workshop elements, project work, e-learning, coaching and mentoring for individuals and groups can be defined, delivering an immediate and direct benefit. Participants will appreciate the direct learning transfer into everyday life and use the program as a guide for current and future business challenges. The product portfolio of the SGMI Institute of Management St. Gallen offers a comprehensive conceptual basis for the design of successful development measures.

Whether the strategic development objectives are achieved or not, is evaluated at the end, when the desired strategic core competencies are reviewed. Follow-up includes analysis and discussion of participants’ feedback, implementation support from our consultants, and, if required, adequate progress and personal reviews with clients or other participants.

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