Why should I attend a seminar at SGMI Management Institute St. Gallen?

For many years, the SGMI management Institute St. Gallen has been a guarantor of first-class management training: the latest, well-tested management knowledge, in practical form, delivered by top faculty. The St. Gallen Management Model, with its renowned holistic perspective, informs all SGMI seminars.

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How are the insights from the St. Gallen Management Model brought into SGMI seminars?

Insights from the holistic, system-oriented perspective of the St. Gallen Management Model dictate the topics in every seminar, which prevents blinkered thinking. The St. Gallen Management Model not only provides orientation, it also illustrates connections. All too often, management models and publications focus on one limited aspect of management. The well-tested St. Gallen Model, however, has become widely known the world over. Its popularity is based, not on “empty” theory, but on its pragmatic orientation and implementation support – it works in practice.


How do I find the right seminar for my needs?

SGMI offers general management seminars and seminars that focus on management functions. Seminars are delivered at three levels. The first question you need to answer is whether you are seeking a general management seminar or a one that deals with a specific function (strategy, marketing, sales, finance, controlling, leadership, HR management, etc.) The second question you need to answer is: what is the right level for me? SGMI offers seminars for three groups of participants: executive management, middle management and junior management.

If you're not sure which of our programs is right for you, our advisory service will gladly help you choose (via Tel. +41 (0)71 223 50 30 or Email: seminare@sgmi.ch).

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Who are the seminar faculty?

SGMI works with highly qualified professors and lecturers, renowned consultants and management trainers who have been with SGMI for years. They are deeply interested in management practice and bring an unparalleled wealth of experience. Permanent quality control through feedback generated from seminar participants ensures that our standards are maintained and quality regularly improved.


Can I also attend seminars in English in international locations?

Yes. SGMI offers a broad range of seminars and programs in English.
Thanks to their international orientation, seminars are offered in many of the world's metropolitan centers.


Open Programs: Seminars

How long do SGMI seminars last?

Normally, seminars and single parts of programs last four days. They start at 10:00 on Monday and end at 16:00 on Thursday. Single seminars and certain other parts of programs last between three and five days.

What is the difference between seminars, courses and programs?

Seminars are run "in one piece". Courses and programs have several parts, each of which may vary in length.

How does SGMI confirm participation in a seminar?

On the last day of a seminar, participants receive a personal seminar confirmation that describes the contents of the seminar. Participants in courses and programs receive certificates. These certificates describe the contents of the course or program. They also permit holders to upgrade their knowledge further by enrolling directly in a diploma or a masters program that is connected topically to the content described in the certificate.

Is it possible to get credit for previous SGMI seminars when I enroll in another SGMI program?

Due to the modular structure of all SGMI programs, this is often possible. For example, if you visited a strategy seminar and would like to develop yourself further in general management, you could get credit for the strategy part of the general management program.

The same practice of granting credit applies to all SGMI masters and diploma programs. If, before one of these programs, you attend a seminar that is part of the program, you get credit for the seminar content and for the seminar fees.

Where do seminars take place?

Seminars take place in SGMI headquarters in St. Gallen or in select hotels that have proved themselves to be reliable SGMI partners. The hotels in Switzerland: St. Gallen, Luzern, Flims, Davos, Zürich, Ascona, Wildhaus, Brunnen und Engelberg. English programs are often held in hotels located in metropolitan areas like Boston, London, Frankfurt, Vienna, Abu Dhabi, Shanghai, Singapore or Tokio.

Are seminar materials included in the fees?

For each seminar, participants receive the complete seminar documentation as well as supporting and in-depth documents on the topics covered. All documents as well as other working tools for personal use are provided in electronic form so that they can be used on the own devices. All files are included in the seminar fee.

Is it possible, after completing a seminar, to stay in touch with SGMI and join a network?

SGMI organizes a number of alumni events at which former SGMI seminar participants and certificate holders meet. These events include regular management and alumni symposia as well as frequent regional conferences organized by the alumni networks of the various geographical regions.

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