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As one of the most renowned, international business schools in the German-speaking countries, SGMI stands for demanding, practice-oriented management development, as well as for management consulting services that make a lasting impact. All based on the concepts of the St. Gallen Management Model.

The Concept of Holistic, System-Oriented Management

Management teachings and education are characterized by a confusing multiplicity of scientific theories and methods. Most of them stress one aspect of management, and few seem to be related. Managers confront a "jungle" of management ideas. The St. Gallen school of holistic, for system-oriented management, on which the SGMI Institute of Management St. Gallen is based, cuts through the confusion.

What started in the early 1970s has developed into a set of renowned management concepts: the St. Gallen Management Model. Recent economic history shows how valuable it is. This model of holistic company management, in which long-term entrepreneurial success replaces short-term profit maximization, is now as well recognized internationally as it is popular, and offers pragmatic orientation and implementation support. Naturally, the St. Gallen Management Model isn't static. SGMI works at the foremost front, where it helps advance the model further and develop new models that are as much intended to serve practice as to develop theory.


SGMI Management Institute 
St. Gallen

Bogenstrasse 7
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Phone: +41 71 223 50 30
Internet: www.sgmi.ch
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Our philosophy: usable insights for practice. As a business school, we test new knowledge for its fitness for practice. If we deem it suited to practice, we try it out in the real world. In the context of a few projects. In hundreds of discussions with entrepreneurs and top managers. By observing individual case methods and in long-term studies. From this process, knowledge develops and, in compressed form, can be taught and applied.

No boring lectures – we offer exciting content. Delivered by more than 100 highly qualified faculty – professors, lecturers, renowned consultants and management trainers – who know what they're talking about.

Among our clients are the most renowned companies. Among our strengths: thousands of inspired participants.


Romed Guntern
lic.oec. HSG et lic.iur. HSG (University of St. Gallen)
Chief Executive Officer


All our services are based on the holistic, systems-oriented St. Gallen Management Model. We stand for the following:



SGMI Institute of Management St. Gallen works with over 100 qualified specialists, professors, lecturers, renowned consultants and management trainers. They know what they're talking about, offer exciting content and are committed to the lasting success of SGMI clients. Button: Learn more

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The needs of managers and companies are increasingly global. Thanks to its local presence, SGMI Institute of Management St. Gallen makes know-how available in Europe, the USA and Asia and merges the thinking approaches of various cultural spheres with holistic, system-oriented thinking from St. Gallen.

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+41 71 223 50 30

SGMI Management Institut St. Gallen
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CH-9000 St. Gallen

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