Our daily global diet is one of radical changes and unexpected developments. No business can isolate itself from the ensuing risks. How well is your organization prepared for internationalization? What strategies adopted by your competitors threaten you? What ideas and opportunities for growth should you embrace? The St. Gallen Center for International Management equips organizations with relevant insights and effective instruments so that their journey around the world does not turn into an uncontrollable adventure.

Are you familiar with the success factors for international management from the strategy cockpit?



The St. Gallen Center for International Management plays a unique role in the consulting and further education landscape: We have a first-hand insight into the workings of businesses and government sector organizations across the globe – because we have supported organizations from the East and the West, in the North and the South in implementing their strategies internationally. We have walked the talk of international management for nearly two decades. The Center has a database of authentic research and cases, a useful springboard from where we develop innovations and instruments for the real world to assist our clients to gain an advantage in the global arena. We have built our tools and capabilities on the rock solid foundation of the St. Gallen Management Model – so that you will never lose your sense of orientation when confronted by the opportunities and risks of international business. You can also rest assured that the innovations and methods offered by the Center are proven and tested, and that they are easy to adopt, affordable and very effective.

In-house Seminars:

In further education we provide Management Boards and Senior Executives fresh strategic perspectives on international management in a quick and comprehensive workshop suited to the management style and time restraints of the target audience:

Leading International Management

For senior managers responsible for regional or country operations we have developed an intensive training program, which gives them a holistic perspective on the specific challenges they face and provides them with the appropriate instruments to master these challenges:

Region and Country Management

For junior managers we have created an ideal preparatory program from extensive exposure to the problems they will actually face, whereby our focus is on training them to avoid the pitfalls and risks typical in assignments abroad or in international teams, so that an assignment can nurture and sustain their qualities instead of becoming a path to failure:

International Manager Program

Advisory Services:

Our advisory services consist of instruments and active support where it matters, adhering to our philosophy to keep things simple, affordable and effective – the world is complex enough as it is. The exclusive instruments the Centre has developed have an immediate impact on internationalization, change management, merger integration and strategy implementation in organizations. We have created tools and developed methods which are so easy to use, cost effective and relevant that they constitute real innovations and alternatives for our clients. As with all instruments from our think tank minimizing risk and simplifying the means to achieve what your organization desires are the key characteristics. We support our clients in planning and executing their internationalization strategies, be it in organic expansion or during a merger, by providing an assessment of cultural and operational risks and how to avoid them. Implementing market strategies and the speedy and successful communication of initiatives also figure among the top competencies of the Centre:

Strategy Implementation

For nearly two decades we have analyzed and monitored the sources of international business success – why don´t you benefit from this:

International Growth

The latest insights and experiences of organizations from the West and the East, from the heart of where business is really happening in Asia and innovative tools to master conditions there – this is what our 3-day workshop has to offer:

Doing Business in Asia


Prof. Dr. Walter Rodriguez
Director of the Center for International Management at SGMI Management Institute St. Gallen

As a lecturer at SGMI Management Institute St. Gallen and as a professor at Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU), Prof. Dr. Walter Rodriguez teaches on the subjects of International Management, Strategic Management, Business Information Systems and Project Management. In addition, he is the director of the ‚Institute of Technological Innovation'. Walter Rodriguez earned his Ph.D. at the University of Florida and founded and presided the ‚Engineering Computer Graphics Program' at Georgia Tech (Georgia Institute of Technology). His main research focuses on International System Development, Advanced Distributed Learning Technologies as well as E-business Operations Management and Strategy. Over the last 30 years, he published more than 120 articles and received numerous research awards.



Prof. Dr. Walter Rodriguez

Director of the Center for International Management at SGMI Management Institute St. Gallen

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