Leadership plays a crucial role in how strategies are implemented and what results they can achieve. Is a company trying to achieve objectives by force and pressure or can they convey enthusiasm and thereby create commitment?

Studies by Gallup and other institutions regularly point out the great potential for improvements on the subject of employee satisfaction and commitment. The St. Gallen Center for Leadership can show you how to realize this potential and how good leadership can improve your company’s results.

Leadership is a very personal issue because it also touches on the analysis and development of your own entrepreneurial behavior. The St. Gallen Centre for Leadership has the latest methods and tools available.

Modern leadership more and more turns into intercultural leadership. The St. Gallen Center for Leadership provides solutions to a culturally appropriate leadership, guaranteeing your success in this global environment.

Leadership is a crucial part of a successful strategy implementation - neglect will have an effect on your success. Different situations and environments call for different leaderships. What kind of leadership meets the current strategic requirements best? How can leadership support the company’s development, seeing changes not only taking place on paper but are actually being lived by? How can you create a culture of change out of the numerous change projects?

The "integrated, implementation-oriented St. Gallen Management Model" illustrates the relationship between leadership behavior/social skills and the cumulative results.

The St. Gallen Center for Leadership presents ways to sustainably increasing your cumulative results by optimizing your leadership behavior.

SGMI Open Programs: Seminars

Keynote Speeches and Workshops

  • Intercultural Leadership
  • Return on Leadership
  • Workshops on how to develop competence model designs (incl. discharging key competences from the strategy)

Company-specific Programs

Company-specific programs can effectively address the enterprise-wide implementation of concrete strategy through clear leadership. Different company functions and hierarchical levels are given the opportunity to optimize their leadership behavior and to increase their leadership impact.

Examples of possible company-specific programs:

  • Harmonizing leadership behavior, for example after a business combination
  • Targeting development of intercultural leadership capacity to implement a global growth strategy
  • Potential-oriented long-term development of executives of different hierarchy levels
  • Preparing individual leaders for the next stage of development
  • Integrated programs on topics such as Strategic Leadership Behavior, Leadership Efficiency, Self-Management, Leadership Methods, Teamwork and Change Management

Project Example & Testimonial:

Mercer International Group


Daniel Schmidlin

Management Development Becomes Global

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Daniel Schmidlin, lic.oec.HSG
Executive Director Corporate Programs and Director of the Center for Leadership at SGMI Management Institute St. Gallen

Daniel Schmidlin studied business administration at the University of St. Gallen (degree lic.oec. HSG) with specialization in organizational development. He has a proven track-record in the field of management development. As Director Corporate Programs he is responsible for the worldwide project business of the SGMI Institute of Management St. Gallen including conceptual design and implementation of integrated management development projects based on the St. Gallen model of management. He analyses strategic development needs and creates focused development programs for our customers together with the SGMI expert-team.

Being a recognized leadership expert he offers a year-long experience as lecturer, coach and consultant. His focus is on leadership behaviour and leadership tools for small and medium-sized businesses as well as multinational companies:

  • Leadership-style analysis
  • Personality analysis
  • Employee engagement and –motivation
  • Value-based leadership
  • Personal strength-/weaknesses analysis
  • Leadership concepts of the future (generation Y)
  • Paradigm shift
  • Communication, negotiation and conflict management

He is training international managers in German- and English-language seminars for years and with highest customer satisfaction. As an executive coach he directly supports decision-makers of all levels.


Daniel Schmidlin 

Executive Director Corporate Programs and Director of the Center for Leadership at SGMI Management Institute St. Gallen

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