This seminar, designed for senior executives, is a concentrated overview of the core components of executive leadership management.


Well-managed companies are primed for success: their profitability is above the industry average, and their strategic investments enable timely entry into attractive business fields. An electrifying atmosphere motivates teams to engage in common projects and goals. There is no room for power struggles and intrigues; all that counts is a winning spirit and a desire for top performance.

The main goal of strategic leadership is to transform visions into actual concepts and to motivate coworkers to support implementation. Comprehensive leadership qualities are an essential prerequisite for executive success. The Leadership for Executives seminar demonstrates these leadership qualities in a concentrated way.

The program addresses senior executives, particularly:

  • Top managers, upper level managers and specialists with management responsibility who seek to achieve aboveaverage results with their teams and employees, and who intend to hone their leadership and coaching skills.
  • Executives with result responsibility whose position requires a high degree of decision making strength and implementation skills.


Integrated Leadership Concept

Managers are usually committed professionals; not every manager, however, is a good leader. What characterizes excellence in leadership? What makes a leader?

  • The concept of integrated management
  • Definition of personal leadership qualities
  • The role of a leader
  • Rules and basics of effective leadership

Communication as Core Competence

Integrating communication skills as a core competence for leadership is a prerequisite for full effectiveness in leadership processes.

  • Communication as a vital core competence for leadership
  • Characteristics of communication skills for leaders
  • How communication motivates and drives performance
  • How communication frustrates and builds barriers and rejection

Leadership Skills

Research shows what characterizes outstanding leaders. We know which leadership styles are most effective in certain situations and which behavior we should avoid to prevent unsatisfactory leadership performance. We can learn from most of these findings, because effective leadership behavior can be trained and practiced.

  • What are my personal strengths as a leader?
  • What development potential do I want to use to improve personal leadership qualities?
  • What changes increase performance and satisfaction of coworkers?

Developing a Personal Leadership Style

  • Alternative leadership styles
  • Reasons why more than one leadership style is necessary
  • Situations for cooperative leadership
  • Situations where too much leadership harms
  • Situations for authoritarian leadership
  • Situational leadership applied

Leadership in Implementation Processes

Employees rarely welcome new strategies, new structures and new concepts from top management enthusiastically. Employees react with skepticism, distrust and stagnation; only a few people see a great opportunity in change. Implementation of change processes doesn’t happen just by pressing a button or by giving orders; it happens on the operational levels, executed by employees who may reject change project partly or totally.

  • Gaining acceptance for change
  • Change management as vital leadership challenge

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  • Duration: 4 days
  • Program Fees: CHF 5900 (plus 8.1% VAT for seminars in Switzerland)
    Invoicing in EUR possible (depending on current currency rate)

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No. E-52224 Starting at 14.10.24

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Seminar 14.10.2024 - 17.10.2024 Luzern, CH


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Seminar 05.05.2025 - 08.05.2025 Hallwilersee, CH


No. E-52225 Starting at 13.10.25

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Seminar 13.10.2025 - 16.10.2025 Davos, CH


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