General Management for Executives

Advanced Management Program

"Very practical, down to earth and useful for my everyday management life."

"A very good seminar with good mixture of theory and examples and speakers with a lot of experience."

"Outstanding speakers, it was my first seminar at SGMI but for sure not the last one."

"Very well prepared seminar. Content and exercises fully met my expectations. Trainers had a long track record and held the seminar in lively discussions. Individual topics and issues were included in the training sessions and there was enough space for many questions."

"Very good, relevant and informative!"

"The seminar gives an excellent overview with many examples and very good speakers."


Management Programs for High Potentials

General Management Program

"This SGMI seminar is the training that every manager should attend."

"Great seminar! A lot to take home and to apply!"

"I really appreciated the experience of the speakers and the motivation of the group."

"Very interesting topics to be applied in the daily life business activity. Intensive and challenging course with high participation of people. Talented teachers with a lot of experiences."

"Good seminar, enjoyed the diversity of the participants, helped to step back from daily routine and look at things from a different perspective."

"Excellent mixture of theory and practice. Great take-away value by lecturers and peers."

Strategy Management

Strategic Business Management

"Attending and listening this seminar, guided by excellent and highly experienced speakers has been absolutely great! Thanks."

"Very good course with experienced teachers. Therefore a lot of practical examples."

"Excellent speakers, good arrangement."

"The seminar provided a very good overview of the complete strategy making process down to implementation, with extremely useful real company cases/examples that enormously helped to fix concepts."

Strategic Management

"Whilst brief comments are difficult to express important viewpoints, I would like to convey my thanks to SGMI and the lecturers for making the seminar not only informative and energizing, but more importantly place strategy in terms of real life examples, stories and experienced viewpoints."

"It was a great learning experience of the process how to make, implement and adjust strategies. Great week with excellent speakers. Thanks!"

"Great speakers!"

"Excellent balance between theory and practical examples from the business. Good timing of the program. The quality of the content is great. Good mix of backgrounds of participants."

"The speakers provided a good combination of theoretical knowledge and practical studies."


Marketing Management

"Excellent presentation of topics and examples of how to use the tools in work life."

"I really enjoyed the course."


"Very helpful and applicable to every day."

"Excellent refresh. New and practical tools to use in my daily work"

Online Marketing & Social Media

"Excellent. Really helpful."

"Gives an excellent overview and summary, stimulating!"

"Impressive key information transferred through a short but intensive seminar."

Finance und Controlling

Financial Management for Executives

"This seminar gave me great and valuable insights to the world of finance. Thank you!"

"For me it was a very good double-check of my finance knowledge. In addition, the seminar gave me the opportunity to rethink some of the things we do in our company’s every day life."

"Fast and efficient guidance through cash flow management and business evaluation, backed up with a lot of actual examples from different industries/companies."

"Excellent course."

Finance and Controlling

"Great seminar with very valuable practical hints and recommendations!"

"Very useful and inspiring seminar, case studies are also very helpful."

"Case studies are brilliant. The lecturers found a good balance between knowledge and exercises, thank you!"

"I have really enjoyed the insights into financial management that this programme has provided. I would recommend this program in construction with a general management programme."

"Very good, intensive seminar. Good learning tools, good argumentation."


Leadership for Executives

"One of the best seminars I ever had – keep going."

"Very professional with huge impact. Excellent."

"I got an impressive, concentrate knowledge about leadership. I’m sure I can use it for my everyday life/work. Thank you!"

"I learned a lot for my next discussions and meetings with my employees. Interesting tools were presented. Very good moderation, interesting discussions with all participants."

"Challenging and thought provoking concepts on Leadership."

"Good open discussions, challenging, very interesting and mind-changing. Will be helpful in future leadership role, gives me a clear concept of how to lead the team."

"Very helpful and practical leadership training with a good mix of theory, discussion and workshops."

"Useful practical concepts and hints on latest leadership theories."

"Very useful seminar with practical focus. I have enjoyed not only to refresh my leadership knowledge but also learn new ways of leading efficiently."

Leadership for High Potentials

"Well-organised course with high qualified speakers. Thank you!"

"Excellent and profound. The best investment a company could make for its employees."

"The course met my expectations. A good mix of practical and theoretical excercises."

"The course “Leadership” helped me a lot to expand my knowledge to be a good manager."

"My expectations were fully fulfilled. I learned a lot about leadership and was able to reflect my own leadership. Many topics were real 'eye openers'."

"Seminar breaks a lot of preconceptions about one has about leadership. In the end it is simple, and through the examples and case studies one uncovers them so quickly. The speakers did a great job of lecturing, listening and convincing me of the benefit or validity of the methods they tought. I would recommend this course to anyone who is looking to take a leadership position."

Human Resources Management

Successful Negotiation and Communication

"I really enjoyed this seminar. It has provided excellent insights and tools."


"Very professional, down to the point and engaging."

"Perfect combination of theory and practical experience!"

"Great knowhow how to put knowledge into practice. Small group was excellent."

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