The St. Gallen Center for Marketing Management covers the entire spectrum of modern marketing management: Training, Consulting, and Research & Development. We have set ourselves the goal of making a major contribution to science and practice through applied research, consulting, and other services related to the topics of strategic marketing management, product and brand management, and brand management and communications.

We offer a full portfolio of marketing and corporate leadership products and create sustainable added value for our customers. Our integrated project approach has the benefit of providing consultation from a single source without any coordination efforts.


Source: Hollensen, S. / Opresnik, M.: Marketing: A relationship perspective, 2nd ed., München

In-house Seminars and Consulting Services

  • Motivating and inspiring keynotes, seminars, and workshops for Marketing & Sales and Negotiation
  • Designing holistic and effective marketing communication strategies (e.g. content marketing or social media marketing via YouTube)
  • Using customized and industry-specific analytical methods and instruments regarding research on customer behavior.

SGMI Open Programs: Seminars

Masters and Diplomas


Philip Kotler, Kevin Lane Keller, Marc Oliver Opresnik

Marketing Management

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Svend Hollensen, Marc Oliver Opresnik

Marketing – A Relationship Perspective

to the book

Nils Bickhoff, Svend Hollensen, Marc Oliver Opresnik

The Quintessence of Marketing

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Marc Oliver Opresnik

The Hidden Rules of Successful Negotiation and Communication

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Gary Armstrong, Philip Kotler, Marc Oliver Opresnik

Marketing: An Introduction

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Prof. Dr. Marc Opresnik
Chairman of the Academic Committee and Director of the Center for Marketing Management at SGMI Management Institute St. Gallen

Marc Oliver Opresnik studied Business Administration with specialization in Marketing, Human Resource Management and Business English at the University of Hamburg and later earned his doctorate on the topic of "Corporate Culture in the US and Germany." He is a marketing professor and member of the board of directors at SGMI Institute of Management St. Gallen. In addition, he is professor at international universities and senior executive vice president at Kotler Impact Inc.

For ten years, he successfully worked in the management of Shell International Petroleum Company Ltd and has authored numerous articles and reference books, among others, the international marketing standard work "Marketing - A Relationship Perspective". Along with Kevin Keller and Phil Kotler, he is a co-author of the German edition of "Marketing Management". His negotiation and communication guide, "The Hidden Rules of Successful Negotiation and Communication: Getting to Yes!" became an international best seller. Professor Opresnik supervised many institutions, governments, multinational corporations, and successful companies in the SME world. With his years of international experience as a consultant, trainer, and keynote speaker, he is one in the world's most renowned specialists.

His work focuses, among others, on the following areas:

  • Marketing Management
  • Innovation Management
  • Negotiation


Prof. Dr. Marc Opresnik

Chairman of the Academic Committee and Director of the Center for Marketing Management at SGMI Management Institute St. Gallen

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