The St. Gallen Center for Personal Leadership & Motivation has extensive expertise in developing and coaching executives worldwide. Close client relationships and regular exchanges allow you to pick up trends in a changing work environment and to rethink your leadership.

Digital transformation, industry 4.0, global networking, flexible working hours and types, demographic change, diversity of teams, multi-channel communication represent challenges companies have to face in the future. Organizations that undergo an early change in terms of management culture will gain a long-term advantage in the competition for the best products, services, and employees.

Executives in a working environment 4.0 know how to deal with the increasing complexity of markets and the progressive digitization. They also master every aspect of modern leadership tools when it comes to organizational development and personnel management. A pioneering leadership culture is based on open and flexible structures, confidence in its teams and individual responsibility of employees, and their interconnectedness. Besides that, coaching is just as essential as establishing a feedback culture.

But the most important requirement for a manager is not to see the word “Leader” as a formal title. It is rather a conscious choice for a role. To take on and to live the role as leader you have to reflect and confront yourself with:

  • the definition of values, the creation of visions and missions
  • unfolding potential, development, and change
  • motivation, empathy, communication and interaction with people
  • own life style and life balance
  • perspectives and ways of thinking, paradigm shifts and taking risks

Our concept of ,principle-based leadership' challenges top executives, managers and high potentials - intellectually, mentally and physically. We give everything so you can achieve clarity about your personality and responsibility as a leader and thereby create the conditions for building an authentic leadership brand and the development of a forward-looking and an effective leadership roadmap.

Keynote Speeches & Workshops

  • The ‚Whole Person Model‘ and the ‚Inside-Out-Process‘: Developing Leadership Behavior
  • Change Management: Psychology of Change & Tribal Territorial Mapping
  • 10 Habits of High-Performance Teams
  • The Winning Spirit: Motivation & Motivation Techniques
  • The 100 Day Challenge: Energy Management and Resilience


Mark McGregor

Being on Mission

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Mark McGregor
Director of the Center for Personal Leadership & Motivation at SGMI Management Institute St. Gallen

The Canadian-born Mark McGregor is one of our most sought management coaches, top executive coaches and keynote speakers on an international level. He is considered a pioneer for principals-based leadership. As director of the Center for Personal Leadership & Motivation at SGMI Management Institute St. Gallen he is a passionate expert on the topics of:

  • Leadership & Leadership Development
  • Change Management
  • Team Building, Team Development & High Performance Teams
  • Motivation & Psychology of Winning
  • Life Balance & Re-energizing

As a lecturer, consultant and coach, the former professional hockey player and top-class sports manager has carried out hundreds of training courses, workshops and coachings for individuals or teams of global corporations and medium-sized companies worldwide since 1999.


Mark McGregor

Director of the Center for Personal Leadership & Motivation at SGMI Management Institute St. Gallen

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