All our services are based on the holistic, systems-oriented St. Gallen Management Model. We stand for the following:


Open Programs: Seminars

Every year, thousands of executives from the most varied industries, management levels and functions visit SGMI's practice-oriented seminars.

General Management Seminars for Executives

The "executive" perspective ensures that topics are relevant for executives. These seminars are designed for senior managers and high-level personnel who want to move up in management: entrepreneurs, members of boards, members of management and the executive committee, managing directors, directors of divisions, business areas and profit centers, and people responsible for results and major decisions. Participants who have the desire, not only to learn new management knowledge, but to reflect on it in the light of their own experience. Exchange of experience and networking enrich the learning.

General Management Seminars for Junior Executives

Successful leadership is based on a holistic understanding of management. The general management seminars for junior executives provide a systematic, practical overview: general management knowledge for junior managers, middle managers, specialists and practitioners. The latest management insights are grounded and enriched with practical applications, exercises and tools.

Functional Seminars

In our functional seminars, we look at the various parts of management – without losing sight of the whole:

  • Strategy, Process and Structure
  • Marketing and Sales 
  • Finance and Controlling 
  • Leadership and Personnel Management
  • Personality Development and Leading the Self 

Particularly suitable for high-level executives and specialists who would like develop themselves more deeply. From individual seminars to the linked components of the management development program.

Management Programs in English

SGMI international programs combine the approaches of different cultural spheres with St. Gallen's holistic, system-oriented thinking. Seminars in Europe, the USA and Asia offer experienced executives the chance to analyze and redefine the role of their companies in world markets.

Open Programs: Seminars

Masters and Diplomas

Changes force companies and institutions to adjust ever more rapidly. The result: new strategies, reorganizations and major change. Fusions, mergers and acquisition add to the dynamism. The consequence: No executive can be sure to work for the same company until retirement. Not even self-induced career "breaks" can be ruled out.

Continuous, life-long learning is one of the most important responses to all this change. Tightly linked to it is long-term employability, the facility to remain a sought-after executive in changing markets. The Diploma Pyramid of the SGMI Institute of Management St. Gallen, a long-time leader in modular Masters and Diploma programs, offers continuous development solutions:

  • Grounded in holistic, system-oriented management thinking, cast from one mold but combinable in modules 
  • Programs can be completed while on the job, efficiently, coordinated with professional needs and demands, with credit granted for SGMI seminars already completed.
  • Study plans are tailored to individual needs, based on experience, knowledge and a personal development profile
  • In addition to attending SGMI programs, participants optimize their learning with modern, interactive learning methods
  • Participants may be admitted directly to modular programs or indirectly, through step-wise upgrades, based on demonstrated previous achievement
  • SGMI boasts hundreds of enthusiastic, satisfied graduates from the most renowned companies.


We will be glad to help you choose the program that best meets your needs:

  • Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)
  • Executive MBA
  • Executive Masters
  • Master of Management
  • Diplomas
  • International Management Certificates

Masters & Diplomas

Corporate Programs

The holistic management development offer of SGMI Institute of Management St. Gallen is available for internal development programs. We provide compact, practice-oriented management knowledge in:

  • Company-specific seminars and workshops
  • Coaching programs
  • Guided change processes
  • Holistic management development and corporate learning programs

As a leading St. Gallen Institution, we are committed to quality and the highest client satisfaction. We especially value nearness to practice and implementation. We collaborate with human resources people to plan and deliver management programs and management and organization development. We offer knowledge transfer, knowledge training and knowledge application.

Corporate Programs

Management Consulting

SGMI Institute of Management St. Gallen is an efficient partner for management consulting. Our customers value St. Gallen as the alternative to the large consulting firms. In our consulting philosophy, we rely on the advantages of the St. Gallen Management Model. We reject short-term optimization. We don't overwhelm our clients with an army of junior advisors and linear solutions. Whether turn-around specialist, strategist or professor, our advisors and partners engage themselves for the total, lasting success of our clients. Our long reference list is proof of the value of this strategy.

Management Constulting


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