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SGMI Open Programs Specifically for Your Company

Does an SGMI seminar (open program) meet your company's needs? Would you like to send several employees from your company? And would you like the program to take place at a location you choose? The entire palette of St. Gallen Management Institut's offer is available to you.

To ensure that learning lasts, SGMI will adapt seminar concepts and contents to your company or your industry. We help you figure out who should attend and, if you wish, where to hold your event.

SGMI combines the advantages of well-tested seminar contents with the advantages of a company-specific program. To ensure that you reach your business development targets, well-tested SGMI seminar modules serve as the basis, but SGMI modifies them to fit your industry or your company.

Adapted to Your Business

Adapting to your business means adjusting the concept and contents of an SGMI seminar to your industry. Current industry events are built into case studies, current industry challenges and questions shape the seminar and work tools are adjusted to fit your business.

Adapted to Your Company

SGMI tailors open seminar concepts and contents in close collaboration with the client company. Case studies and work tools are adapted to the company's current position. Participants work with real company data. The result: high practical relevance and direct application of the “lessons learned” in participants' everyday work.

Custom Tailored Program

Customized in-company management development programs, seminars, workshops, symposiums and lectures offer three main advantages: participants work exclusively on concrete company questions, figure out concrete solutions and implement them in current projects.

SGMI creates tailored development programs to suit the client's current situation. Time-tested concepts, contents and tools are revised exclusively for the company. All specifics of the company's position are considered, and brought into case studies and seminar topics. Your tailored program supports your company's development processes, fuels change or shapes company culture.

Custom-made in-company development concepts can complement and serve as a follow-up to an outside seminar or development program. SGMI method- and implementation coaching is an excellent supplement.

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