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Four-month, part-time program including an on-site seminar, a distance learning course and a practical project paper.


Certificate Program in finance and accounting, controlling and financial management for:

  • Executives responsible for financial results, or prospective managers in a similar position,
  • Heads of business units or project heads who are nonfinancial managers,
  • Specialists and practitioners of all business segments complementing their education with comprehensive financial management basics,
  • Prospective managers in financial positions.


The Financial Management Certificate Program has three units:

  • Intensive onsite seminar
  • Four-week distance learning module
  • Independent literature study and project paper


1. Seminar

The program starts with "Financial Management," an on-site seminar that covers:

  • Overview of financial management
  • Achieving financial results
  • Controlling

2. Distance Learning

The distance-learning unit, set in an international context, broadens and deepens participants’ knowledge. In addition to their literature assignments, participants take a four-week distance learning course (one evening per week) designed and taught by leading US professors.


The purpose of this course is to familiarize managers with the essential techniques and perspectives they need to make sound financial decisions. By completing the assignments and working through the materials, participants come to understand the difference between economically sound and economically flawed financial decision analysis. More specifically, they come to understand and apply:

  • The concept of time value of money, and the use of time value calculations in making capital investment decisions.
  • Statistical measures of risk and return commonly used in financial management decisions.
  • Cash flow forecasting and analysis for capital budgeting analysis.
  • Common capital budgeting decision techniques.

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Howard Finch

3. Project Paper (Practical Part)

The practical part of this program ensures that participants’ studies relate to their current jobs. Participants select a subject or a project and write a 30- to 50-page project paper. The paper should build participants’ knowledge and skill in their specific business areas.

4. Certificate

After successfully completing this program, participants are awarded the “Financial Management Certificate” from SGMI Management Institute St. Gallen.

Consultation and Information

+41 71 223 50 30


  • Duration: 4 to 6 months
  • Program Fees: CHF 8900 (plus 7.7% VAT)
    Invoicing in EUR possible (depending on current currency rate)
  • If necessary due to Covid-restrictions: «Live-online» with the latest learning technology

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No. ED-74221 Starting at 18.10.21

Module Date Place
Seminar 18.10.2021 - 21.10.2021 Luzern, CH
Distance Learning November 2021
Project Paper Winter 2021/2022


No. ED-74122 Starting at 08.03.22

Module Date Place
Seminar 08.03.2022 - 11.03.2022 Berlin, DE
Distance Learning June 2022
Project Paper Summer 2022


No. ED-74222 Starting at 09.05.22

Module Date Place
Seminar 09.05.2022 - 12.05.2022 St. Gallen, CH
Distance Learning June 2022
Project Paper Summer 2022


No. ED-74322 Starting at 17.10.22

Module Date Place
Seminar 17.10.2022 - 20.10.2022 Luzern, CH
Distance Learning November 2021
Project Paper Winter 2022/2023


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