Two-part program for experienced executives with responsibility for strategy and leadership seeking to acquire state-of-the-art knowledge in central areas of future-oriented corporate management.


Mastering the entire range of leadership and management challenges is essential for executive managers, board members, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and all senior executives. This program supports participants in this task and equips them with practice-tested and implementation-oriented management know-how.

The seminar addresses the most important skills in strategic management and all the increasingly important leadership qualities. Furthermore, dividing the program into two parts allows a more comprehensive view of the current challenges in modern corporate management.


Strategic Management

Clear and precise strategies can offer competitive advantages in the future. Strategies therefore need to point out today’s necessities that will lead to future success. But how can we achieve this in an increasingly complex environment in which companies are repeatedly confronted with unexpected and drastic external factors? A systematic and methodical approach helps identifying, analyzing and dealing with all strategically relevant issues.

St. Gallen Strategy Approach

  • The concept of strategic management
  • Dealing with volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity
  • St. Gallen phase model of effective strategy development
  • From analysis to implementation

Strategy Development

  • Assessing initial situations through strategic analyses
  • Driving strategy processes through business innovation
  • Defining strategic business areas
  • Designing business models

Strategy Formulation

  • Methods and instruments of strategy formulation
  • Strategic quantification and financing strategies
  • Translating strategic initiatives into goals, means, and measures
  • Defining milestones and responsibilities

Strategy Implementation

  • Identifying and proactively addressing implementation barriers
  • Organizational change and management of structures
  • Business process optimization
  • Using management tools of strategic controlling

Leadership Management

Leadership is a very broad field with numerous different doctrines, concepts, and instructions. Maintaining an overview can be difficult and using only one particular "recipe" often falls short. Here, the St. Gallen Leadership Concept comes into play: it classifies the different approaches and offers a structure for developing a leadership style based on one's own strengths. In addition, it enables constant adaptation to these requirements that arise from superordinate strategies, guidelines, and goals. In this part of the seminar, executives with responsibility for results receive practical guidance for effective and results-based leadership.

Integrated St. Gallen Leadership Approach

  • Holistic thinking in leadership
  • The role of corporate values
  • The link between excellent leadership and improving corporate results
  • Dealing with new leadership approaches in the age of new work

Success Factors of Leadership

  • Achieving goals together
  • Going from risk culture to opportunity culture
  • Recognizing and avoiding mistakes in employee management
  • Leadership in crisis situations and times of uncertainty

Effective Leadership

  • Recognizing your own leadership personality and strengths
  • Maintaining authenticity and leading socially competent
  • The difference between leadership in normal situations and under pressure
  • Using feedback as an opportunity for personal development

Core Competences: Communication and Motivation

  • Communicative requirements of a leader
  • Critically examining established and new communication concepts
  • Peak performances through motivation
  • The effect of motivated employees on the entire organization

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  • Duration: 2 x 4 days
  • Program Fees: CHF 10'900 (plus 8.1% VAT for seminars in Switzerland)
    Invoicing in EUR possible (depending on current currency rate)

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No. E-14324 Starting at 09.09.24

Module Date Place
Part 1 09.09.2024 - 12.09.2024 Davos, CH
Part 2 14.10.2024 - 17.10.2024 Luzern, CH


No. E-14424 Starting at 09.09.24

Module Date Place
Part 1 09.09.2024 - 12.09.2024 Davos, CH
Part 2 05.05.2025 - 08.05.2025 Hallwilersee, CH


No. E-14125 Starting at 18.03.25

Module Date Place
Part 1 18.03.2025 - 21.03.2025 Zürich, CH
Part 2 05.05.2025 - 08.05.2025 Hallwilersee, CH


No. E-14225 Starting at 18.03.25

Module Date Place
Part 1 18.03.2025 - 21.03.2025 Zürich, CH
Part 2 13.10.2025 - 16.10.2025 Davos, CH


No. E-14325 Starting at 08.09.25

Module Date Place
Part 1 08.09.2025 - 11.09.2025 Davos, CH
Part 2 13.10.2025 - 16.10.2025 Davos, CH


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