HR has a role to play in digital transformation - and it is far more critical than one thinks. Among the most important elements of successful digital transformation are culture and talent – recruitment, development and retention. Furthermore, a culture capable of handling high levels of uncertainty and increased outside pressure needs to be established.


The digital revolution transforms the foundations of most companies. It is changing the business processes, the daily tasks and therefore the job requirements. HR is a key player in developing the “how” for organizations and should be a trusted partner in the transformation process. HR is faced with demands from multiple angles: the sought-after employer brand is changing, the business side of the organization is seeking a new culture to deal with the new challenges – and lastly – the entire technology stack and way of operating as a human capital department is fundamentally shifting.

What is the difference? How can HR help the business to thrive in this fast-paced customer-centric business environment?

In this program for HR executives, HR managers, and business leaders, participants

  • will be equipped with a clear understanding of the characteristics that are driving the digital transformation of HR,
  • will grasp what is needed to create thriving cultures, foster innovation and understand how to develop the future work environment,
  • and finally will recognize how their own area of operation is being fundamentally transformed.


Digital Transformation and HR

The HR landscape is a highly complex environment. Technological changes and shifts in employee behavior add to this complexity. This seminar explores, maps, and narrows down the landscape to a simple and understandable form.

  • How technology is changing the world
  • The digital transformation landscape
  • The HR landscape

The Future Role of HR

With a clear understanding of the world around HR in the context of the digital transformation, the future role of HR has to be defi ned. How should HR be driving and supporting the digital transformation initiatives?

  • The future of HR
  • The “how” of the digital transformation

The New Employees

With knowing the context and understanding how digital transformation can work, the focus needs to shift towards the employees.

  • The future employee
  • The quantified employee
  • Employee experience design


Culture and digital transformation naturally go hand in hand. For the HR executive and manager, it is fundamental to understand the underlying cultural changes that are needed to successfully transform the company. The participants will understand the different designs for cultures and how to best nurture them. The participants will get an insight into how to use “purpose and principles” as a compass for decision making that drives culture.

  • Culture design and culture development
  • Purpose and principles as a cultural compass

Bringing it Home

After a 3-day seminar, returning to one’s own work environment can often cause frustration and friction, as the participants attempt to apply their newly acquired skills. Based on years of experience, part of the program is designed to give the HR executives or managers specific tools to transfer the knowledge and design the transformation journey as effectively as possible.

  • Tools to transfer knowledge, culture and mindset into the company
  • Designing a 12-month roadmap for success

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  • Duration: 3 days
  • Program Fees: CHF 3900 (plus 8.1% VAT)
    Invoicing in EUR possible (depending on current currency rate)

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