This three-day intensive seminar for board members enhances their understanding of how external factors shape the future of the business landscape. The goal is to enable the participants to steer the company successfully through its digital transformation and to support the management team facing great opportunities and massive threats.


Today’s boards understand how technology is driving massive changes for their organizations. They are aware that leading digital companies are threatening their business, and as a result, their business model will likely be disrupted in the future. This specifi c program for board members aims to equip the executives with the foundational knowledge and skills to meet these disruptive changes.

For board members to be a challenging as well as supportive partner of the management team, they must understand the major tectonic shifts that are happening and the driving forces behind them. They can identify threats and opportunities, understand complex environments, and know how to navigate them. Participants will bolster their “digital quotient”, become better skilled to assess the new competitive environments and understand the mega trends that offer great opportunities, but bare massive risks as well.


External Factors Driving Digital Transformation

First, and most importantly, the board members must have a foundational knowledge of the digital transformation. It is a necessity that they are aware of, and understand, the driving forces behind digitalization and the changes it brings. The board members should understand how the shift into networks and platforms affects their business. Grasping the importance of data and data protection is an incremental part of this process.

  • External driving forces in technology
  • The rise of networks and platforms
  • The importance of data and data management

The Connected Customer

With the rise of social media and the availability of information, the demand from customers are fundamentally shifting. The customer is becoming the center of everything, from product development to product rollout, marketing, and brand reputation.

  • The connected customer and the impact on innovation
  • The rise of transparency
  • Reputation management

The Organization

Supporting the management team in the process of digital transformation is one of the key tasks of the board. In a complex environment with rising threats and opportunities, the challenge is to gain a common understanding of the future direction of the company and the outside effects. To foster the initiative of the business leaders, the board needs to value the benefits digital initiatives can deliver.

  • A board level approach to the transformation process and its design
  • Increased board level complexity in the digital age
  • A boards perspective on threats and opportunities
  • How to measure a successful transformation from a boards perspective

The Role of the Board in a Digital Age

The board members must be able to fully understand the role of the board in a digital context, both as a challenging as well as a supportive partner of the management team. As the governing body, the board needs to be aware of the legal effects of the digital age.

  • The role of the board
  • The management needs
  • Legal risks and opportunities

Bringing it Home

After this intensive three-day program, it will be important to stay on top of the knowledge. The board members will receive tools and techniques to stay updated in an exponential world and to become a cherished partner for the management.

  • How to stay updated in an exponentially changing world
  • How to transmit knowledge and bridge the insight gap

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  • Duration: 3 days
  • Program Fees: CHF 3900 (plus 8.1% VAT)
    Invoicing in EUR possible (depending on current currency rate)

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Seminar 02.12.2024 - 04.12.2024 St. Gallen, CH


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Seminar 16.06.2025 - 18.06.2025 St. Gallen, CH


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Seminar 01.12.2025 - 03.12.2025 St. Gallen, CH


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