What are the capabilities needed to deliver actual results in an increasingly faster and more complex business context? This program provides the necessary tools to unlock the speed an organization needs to perform in the future and drive the digital transformation forward. The seminar focuses on innovation culture and the necessary mind-set as well as the structural setup required to deliver results.


Due to the speed of transformation and innovation of some companies within growing complexity, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up. Incoming players are behaving in a fundamentally different fashion, and they are often outperforming significantly. What is the difference? How are they capable of thriving in this fast-paced, customer-centric business environment? Why is speed important?

1. Faster Innovation. Companies built for speed often have first-mover advantages. They can react more quickly to competitors’ moves or market shifts with their own product innovations.

2. Lower Development Costs. Streamlined processes, faster iterations and reduced slack release financial and operating resources for other value-adding activities.

3. Larger Market Share. A product that gets to market early is less likely to face initial competition. A quick introduction allows a product to build market share before it declines into a commodity.

4. Greater Forecasting Accuracy. Because time between product design and product release is shorter, executives may be more willing to green-light trendy products that would otherwise be denied.

  • In this program, participants will acquire a clear understanding of the characteristics that drive the winners of the digital revolution and the features that define slower-moving organizations grasping for a foothold.
  • Participants will obtain the tools to foster the organizational culture to unlock speed and creativity and to bring customer-centric products to market at high velocity and frequencies.
  • In the seminar, approaches such as lean start-up methodology, design thinking, agility, rapid prototyping innovation labs and corporate venturing are going to be discussed.


The Mind-Set

Unlocking speed and innovation capabilities requires a fundamentally different mind-set compared to most current business operations. It requires higher tolerance levels for uncertainty and the possibility to perform trial and error projects. In this part of the seminar, different cultural barriers are explored that prevent success and methods presented on how to avoid them.

  • Driving cultural forces in the context of digital transformation
  • Winners and losers
  • The agile mind-set
  • ‚Failing’ as an enabler of innovation and creativity

The Methods

Different approaches to unlock the innovation and creativity potential.

  • Lean, agile, scrum, design thinking
  • Innovation constraints and innovation code
  • Rapid prototyping
  • MVP design and launch

The Structure

What is the perfect structure for your innovation setup? What is the most effective way to organize your bets? Is it through collaboration, start-ups or by creating a corporate accelerator, an innovation lab or a venture arm? What are the different ways to set up innovation efforts?

  • A lab
  • Corporate venturing
  • Dancing with start-ups
  • Setting up a clear structure and strategy
  • Measuring success

Bringing it Home

This part of the program is designed to give the leaders specifi c tools to induce the knowledge into their business and begin the transformation journey as effectively as possible.

  • Tools to change speed, culture and mind-set at the company
  • Introduction to exponential thinking and exponential problem solving

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  • Duration: 3 days
  • Program Fees: CHF 3900 (plus 8.1% VAT)
    Invoicing in EUR possible (depending on current currency rate)

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Seminar 07.10.2024 - 09.10.2024 St. Gallen, CH


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Seminar 10.03.2025 - 12.03.2025 St. Gallen, CH


No. E-21225 Starting at 06.10.25

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Seminar 06.10.2025 - 08.10.2025 St. Gallen, CH


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