Four-month, part-time program including an onsite seminar, a distance learning course and a practical project paper.


Four-month, part-time program for:

  • Executives, specialists and prospective managers with marketing or marketing related positions such as marketing managers, sales managers, product or key account managers, managers for market research, branding, branding policy, design and distribution, etc.
  • Technicians, engineers, lawyers, scientists or specialists in non-marketing functions who want to participate in an intensive marketing program and achieve a university certificate.


The marketing management certificate program has three units:

  • Intensive onsite marketing seminar
  • Four-week distance learning unit
  • Independent literature study and project paper


1. Seminar

The four-day "Marketing Management" onsite seminar covers:

  • Rules of the market, market analysis
  • Marketing strategy, marketing concept
  • Market management, market concept
  • Leadership in marketing

2. Distance Learning

The distance-learning unit, set in an international context, broadens and deepens participants’ knowledge. In addition to their literature assignments, participants take a four-week distance learning course designed and taught by leading US professors.


In this course module, participants develop an understanding of the concept of marketing and having a market orientation. They cover strategic market planning, mission realignment and the Resource-Advantage Theory of Competition. Additionally, managers learn about environmental scanning, opportunity analysis, the marketing mix, market segmentation and consumer behavior. With regard to the product, participants learn about branding, the product life cycle and the new product development process. Other topics are services marketing, pricing, the promotion mix, advertising, sales promotion, sales management, personal selling, marketing channels, retailing trends, relationship marketing and customization using the internet. Notes and discussion questions supplement slide presentations. Cases are analyzed and discussed in an asynchronous format. This course enables the participant to conceptualize marketing issues and to make viable marketing recommendations.

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Stuart Van Auken

3. Project Paper (Practical Part)

The practical part of this program ensures that participants’ studies relate to their current jobs. Participants select a subject or a project and write a 30- to 50-page project paper. The paper should build participants’ knowledge and skill in their specific business areas.

4. Certificate

After successfully completing this program, participants are awarded the “Marketing Management Certificate” from SGMI Management Institute St. Gallen.

Information und Beratung

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  • Duration: 4 to 6 months
  • Program Fees: CHF 8900 (plus 8.1% VAT)
    Invoicing in EUR possible (depending on current currency rate)

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Nr. ED-71224 beginnend am 04.11.24

Modul Datum Ort
Seminar 04.11.2024 - 07.11.2024 Berlin, DE
Distance Learning December 2024
Project Paper Winter 2024/2025

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Nr. ED-71125 beginnend am 12.05.25

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Seminar 12.05.2025 - 15.05.2025 Brunnen, CH
Distance Learning July 2025
Project Paper Summer 2025

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Nr. ED-71225 beginnend am 08.12.25

Modul Datum Ort
Seminar 08.12.2025 - 11.12.2025 Zürich, CH
Distance Learning December 2025
Project Paper Winter 2025/2026

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