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This program in two parts is for executives who have recently taken the reins of a company or a major profit center, or will soon take on such a position. Participants improve their competencies in strategic business management, market positioning and management of financial results.


The career jump from a functional management position, from being a "high potential" manager or specialist, to a position with general management responsibility is significant and requires preparation. Entrepreneurial skills are required: more leadership, less execution; discovery of new ventures, identifying and seizing opportunities; developing business models; tracking profit potentials; crafting and implementing strategic concepts, inspiring and motivating coworkers. Being successful in the new position takes more than diligent, timely execution of orders. Results achieved become the sole measure of a career; excuses for missed goals hardly interest anyone. The responsible person will always be measured on outcome.

The Strategic Business Management Program is a valuable support for this transition. The course focuses on two main subject areas. In Unit 1, participants learn how to define and implement crystal-clear, concise strategies with high probability of success. Unit 2 enhances competencies of successful financial management. Participants learn the essential methods and techniques for transforming market accomplishments into economic success and actively optimizing results.


Part 1

Strategic Business Management

  • Overview and methodology of strategic business management
  • The career jump from functional management to general management

Responsibility for Results

  • Understanding the relationship between work, performance and results
  • Defining success drivers
  • How to focus personal resources on promising tasks

Strategic Navigation

  • How to keep the big picture
  • The ability to develop simple solutions, even in complex situations
  • The Integrated Management Approach

Defining the Current Position

  • Practical application of vital analysis tools
  • Core strategic analyses
  • Instruments and tools

Opportunities and Threats

  • Correct interpretation of analysis results
  • Turning early signs, trends and scenarios into visions for the future
  • Timely recognition and realization of opportunities
  • Early awareness of threats and proactive actions

Strategic Options

  • Creativity and foresight in search of the ideal future position
  • Powerful visions and realism

Strategic Goals

  • Defining adequate goal categories
  • Strategic goals: guidelines or binding obligations?

Formulating Strategies

  • Formulating strategic targets
  • "Promising" or "absurd": How to assess the plausibility of strategies
  • Transparency, acceptance and willingness to change as implementation criteria
  • Considering trends in digital strategy and online marketing

Implementation of Strategic Concepts

  • Planning implementation
  • Driving implementation

Part 2

Evaluation of the Financial Situation

  • Quick analyses of financial plans, controlling reports, cost accounting and budgets
  • Getting a general financial overview

Financial Goals and Value Added

  • Planning internal growth while keeping up financial stability and profitability
  • The logics of shareholder value
  • Options for increasing shareholder value

Financing and Liquidity

  • Optimizing capital employed
  • Managing liquidity

Valuation, Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Value calculation: methods and practical aspects
  • Selecting and evaluating acquisitions
  • Taking advantage of synergies offered by mergers and alliances
  • Analyzing and assessing synergy effects

Information und Beratung

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  • Duration: 2 x 4 days
  • Program Fees: CHF 9900 (plus 7.7% VAT for seminars in Switzerland)
    Invoicing in EUR possible (depending on current currency rate)
  • If necessary due to Covid-restrictions: «Live-online» with the latest learning technology

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