The three-part program is designed for members of the board of directors, entrepreneurs, all C-Suite positions (CEO, COO, CFO, CIO, etc.), managing directors, executive vice presidents, general managers, division heads and managers who seek to prepare for one of these positions.


The Advanced Management Program is designed for executives who seek a short sabbatical to study the fundamentals of successful business development and to reflect. Top facilitators provide the most recent management insights. Participants are guided to build analogies to their own businesses. Course content is highly practical. Sufficient time is set aside for exchange of experience and personal contacts with fellow executives from various industries.

Participants are invited to address the faculty with pressing concerns from their own professional environment.

  • The first part of the program looks at strategic management, the focal point of the executive level.
  • The topics of unit two include financial management, mergers and acquisitions, financial leadership and controlling.
  • Unit three will cover all the relevant topics on leadership management.


Part 1

Strategic Management

Good strategies blend creativity, vision and feasibility. Bad strategies are utopian, unspecific and don’t communicate well. Our goal is to demonstrate ways to develop concise, well communicated, future oriented strategies designed to generate better results and guarantee long-term employment.

Strategic Options

  • Ways to develop promising strategic options
  • Digital Business Transformation
  • How to assess strategic options and evaluate their advantages, disadvantages and prerequisites for their implementation
  • How to appraise strategic options in terms of feasibility and success potential

Strategic Formulation

  • Concise strategy formulation; best-practice examples
  • Methods and tools for strategic planning
  • Implementation of strategies

Part 2

Performance Control in Practice

  • Initiatives to increase financial performance
  • Pro's and con's of the shareholder value concept
  • Determining profitability goals and ways to reach them

Finance Management, Mergers & Acquisitions

Acquiring and divesting businesses, planning of mergers and financing decisions—all these transactions are the responsibility of top management. One of the most renowned lecturers in the field of financial management demonstrates in this part of the seminar how to valuate, acquire and divest businesses and how to apply modern financial tools.

Part 3

Leadership Management

  • The concept of integrated management
  • Definition of personal leadership qualities
  • The role of a leader
  • Rules and basics of effective leadership

Communication as Core Competence

  • Characteristics of communication skills for leaders
  • How communication motivates and drives performance
  • How communication frustrates and builds barriers and rejection

Leadership Skills

  • What are my personal strengths as a leader?
  • What development potential do I want to use to improve personal leadership qualities?
  • What changes increase performance and satisfaction of coworkers?

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  • Duration: 3 x 4 days
  • Program Fees: CHF 14'900 (plus 8.1% VAT for seminars in Switzerland)
    Invoicing in EUR possible (depending on current currency rate)

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Part 3 18.11.2024 - 21.11.2024 Davos, CH

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Part 3 17.11.2025 - 20.11.2025 Davos, CH

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