This seminar is particularly suitable for managers who have little or no leadership experience, but who will soon be leading employees and teams.


Leadership begins when the diligent work of a single person won’t do the job anymore, when joint efforts are necessary to reach goals.

Motivating employees for common goals and boosting performance call for high leadership competence.

The goals of this course are:

  • Demonstrate essential elements and correlations between result-oriented and employee-oriented leadership.
  • Learn to effectively apply the instruments and methods of leadership.
  • Recognize the importance of social competence and question personal leadership behavior in teams and in management processes.


Basics of Effective Leadership

  • Leadership skills as a basis for advancing professional careers
  • Leadership skills as a prerequisite to achieving results
  • Practical leadership, the role of the leader

Psychological Insights

Psychological patterns for effective leadership:

  • Better understanding of human behavior
  • Better understanding the behavioral patterns of employees, coworkers and superiors
  • Situational leadership considering psychological insights

The Effective Leader

How to evolve into a successful leader:

  • Harmony between leadership mission and personality
  • Balance of professional and private goals
  • Development of personal leadership potential
  • Growing personal impact
  • Coming across to others, convincing, prevailing
  • Caring for coworkers, being a role model
  • Gaining acceptance, trust and loyalty of coworkers; being enthusiastic about common goals
  • Prerequisites for Successful Leadership
  • Leadership culture and atmosphere
  • Importance of trust and candor
  • Leadership philosophy
  • Scope and personal organization
  • Rules and “guard rails“
  • Incentives and reprimands
  • Knowledge and learning effects

Personal Leadership

Leadership starts with development of personality

  • Finding a personal professional style
  • Setting priorities, time management
  • Getting over inner barriers
  • Problem solving in complex decision making situations
  • Delegating and letting others shine

Becoming a Leader

  • Characteristics of leaders
  • What differentiates leadership personalities?
  • Skills for thorough leadership competence

Leadership Behavior

Leaders take responsibility

  • Leadership in special situations
  • Strengths and weaknesses

Solution-Oriented Communication

  • Communication as a leadership challenge
  • Open discussion of opposite points of view
  • Communication skills and bargaining skills as success factors
  • Accepting or solving systematic conflicts
  • Addressing home-made conflicts
  • Techniques of solution-oriented communication

Social Competence

  • Social competence as a prerequisite for effective leadership
  • Elements of social competence
  • Self analysis and second opinion
  • Techniques for developing social and emotional intelligence

Application of Group Dynamics Rules

  • Leadership principles and their effects
  • Rules of group dynamics
  • Applying the principles of group dynamics to lead employees and teams

Leading Teams to Peak Performance

  • Creating a winning spirit
  • Characteristics of successful team culture
  • Hierarchical or nonhierarchical structure?


  • Developing from manager to leader
  • Personal leadership behavior

Information und Beratung

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  • Duration: 4 days
  • Program Fees: CHF 4500 (plus 8.1% VAT for seminars in Switzerland)
    Invoicing in EUR possible (depending on current currency rate)

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